When I was a little kid, I would go up to my grandfathers studio in the attic and watch him smoke his pipe and work on his paintings. The quietness of it all.

As a child growing up in a conservative Taiwanese household, I was told mostly to listen and be quiet. Growing up in two cultures, I've never really felt like I've belonged to either. Fitting in was always an issue. I grew up learning American values through television family sitcoms and ESL. My paintings reflect the rebelliousness of youth and the need for acceptance.

I am exploring the themes of fantasy versus reality through the lens of masculinity, beauty, and pop culture. Through the use of pop imagery and a vivid palette, the paintings reflect notions of nostalgia, passion, and childlike play, in order to subvert undertones of aggression and sexuality. My paintings are bold and loud, hiding the insecurities and mistakes from the past in a bicultural landscape.